Wanted Characters

Leitha Winston

Female ▣ 20 ▣ Michelle Trackenberg ▣ Requested by Staff

As an infant, she was delivered from her mother’s dying womb during the fire at Kinsey Manor that killed the Chance Harbor Coven. Spirited away by John Blackwell, she was given to an unknown third party to raise. Everything else about this character can be created by the player. She is the long lost heiress to the Winston fortune, and it’s vast family legacy as a pureblooded Rom.

Hafsa Bashir

Female ▣ 26 ▣ Halima Aden ▣ Requested by Staff

Female who practices the Muslim faith, centered in the Bronx. Only daughter of a prominent Muslim family in the area, and tough as nails.  Depicted as street-smart, capable, loyal and good at hand to hand combat. Magikal affinity to Air/Wind with the ability of Tactile Telekenesis.


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