The Laws of Magick

· the common variant of all kinds of magick ·

There are many different kinds of magick, but they all abide by the same general principles.

Once Together, Always Together

A part of something – like one of someone’s possessions or a part of their body – can be used to work magic on it over a distance as though it were physically present. The more intimate the connection, the better the link works. For example, a discarded cigarette pack is of little use, while a favorite shirt or piece of jewelry is better, and a physical part of someone (hair, skin, nails) is ideal.

Like Attracts Like

Where a physical item isn’t possible, an image of the target may be used instead. The better the picture, the better the link – and even better if the target has personally endorsed the image. Signed photos are perfect for this. Combining similarity and association is the basis of Representational Magick.

 Free Will

It is far easier to operate a spell upon someone who consents to be targeted than someone who doesn’t. The most guaranteed way to make a spell violate free will is to use Once Together, Always Together or True Name.

As Above, So Below

With understanding comes control and power. When a spell is cast that is a language the caster doesn’t understand, it will not have the full desired effect than if the caster understood the word.  This law also touches upon True Names, for the user of the real name must realize and pronounce it correctly.

“Klaatu Barada NNNNNNecktie Nectar. Nickel. Noodle. It’s an “N” word, it’s definitely an “N” word! Klaatu… Barada… N [clears his throat into his hand, then pauses] Okay… that’s it!” – Ash, Evil Dead Trilogy

True Names

By knowing something’s real and complete name,  a magical link can be created giving you control over it in a way similar to the Law of Contagion.  You have to know exactly how to say the name, just knowing it is not good enough.

Words of Power

Knowing the name of a phenomenon allows you to summon it. Anytime anyone says the Name name it touches it, but when a Witch, or a supernatural being, says the Name and means it, the effect is amplified a thousandfold. Overuse of a True Name lessens the impact, similar to the Law of Publication.

According to Jewish tradition, the Name of God (which is commonly written as YHWH, but there’s supposedly a much longer version of this name only used by the Jewish high priest) is forbidden to be said, despite being said liberally throughout The Bible. This is definitely part of the Rule of True Names and Words of Power and is likely due to fear of misuse or simply turning the name of God into a mundane word.

Grimoires Are Sacred:

When a spell is cast, they call forth the power from the watchtowers, who grant the petition. However, when the rite becomes mass-produced and wanna-be witches cast it,  that watchtower is forced to reach out to a hundred locations like a mighty river forced into thousands of tributaries.

“Why isn’t this spell working?” Katy complained, tossing the spellbook to the floor. “This is the last time I buy Crow Black Dingo’s book! His spells are always crap!”

A Circle Of Salt will Protect You:

A circle helps a witch refine his magic, focus and direct it more clearly. It creates a sort of screen; defined by a perimeter keeping random magical energy from going past it. It can be drawn on the ground, made by several people holding hands, or some other methods. The most common way of bringing a circle is to use elements of the four watchtowers.

Circles create boundaries that isolate an area inside from the magical energies of the world outside. It helps the witch to make sure their spell reaches the Watchtowers’ ears, by eliminating outside chatter. 

Circles are an efficient and standard way to trap a spirit, demon or supernatural entity making it helpless to leave or use power. 


A threshold is a magical barrier around a home; it acts like an invisible and intangible field of energy surrounding it and keeps out unwanted magical forces. Crossing a threshold may be impossible or come with great effort or at a cost for some beings unless invited in. Every home has one, but its strength depends on the emotional connection it’s inhabitants have with it.

If a witch crosses the threshold uninvited, they leave their magick at the door. Likewise, once inside the property owner can rescind one’s hospitality. Any magick cast by that witch will backfire, in spectacular fashion.


February 24, 2018


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