The Curse of the Undying

· Noone can die in New York City ·

It happened overnight, days before Halloween. Individuals who were on the brink of death continued to linger on, their bodies unwilling to give in. No matter the severity of the injury, the person would remain alive, somehow. Sometimes with gruesome results.

The hospitals became filled past capacity with victims of violence, circumstance or accidents while the funeral parlors remained empty. For months, not a single resident of the Five Burroughs died, although some might wish that they have. The medical supplies of the various hospitals dwindled so much that even a single aspirin was hard to come by. The CDC and the FBI were dispatched, and they closed down the city limits to keep the mysterious event contained.

Refugees began to appear on the city streets, smuggled in under mysterious circumstances. Parents with children who possessed life-ending disease or thrill-seekers looking to cheat death sold everything they owned just to get smuggled into the city of New York. The parks and community buildings began to fill, spilling out onto the city streets.

The city services were the first to end, with the government collapsing due to disappearing revenue. Curfews were called, the police were stretched so thin that it would take hours to respond to an emergency. Then, a month into the strange occurrence the island of Manhattan became unaffected overnight.  Ending at the water’s edge and within a certain radius of the World Trade Center.

Overnight, Central Park became a graveyard.

Within days, the neighboring boroughs followed suit, one collapsing after another until all at once the curse ended. Within hours, the CDC, Red Cross and other humanitarian agencies were giving aid. A virus, they called it. A small pharmaceutical company called Vanderlille Pharmaceuticals and their vaccine was heralded as the cure.  

The supernatural community worldwide knew better. The sudden mass-death of hundreds of thousands of people turned New York into Hallowed Ground in an instant. Ripping the veil asunder, and creating a powerful axis mundi. 

They didn’t have time to react, for, within days after the curse ended, a bomb went off at Rockefeller Center, decimating the occult sect known as the Rosicrucians. The witch hunters were now funded by the United States Government, and with proof in hand that the supernatural existed, they were out for blood.

In an attempt to save themselves, the New York Accords were struck. Giving rules and guidelines to those who remained in this new existence. 

Our story takes place two years later, where rival covens battle to protect their territory from hunters, untamed horrors and each other. 

February 7, 2019