The World of Black Sun Rising

· Not all who wander are lost ·

Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?

You are a Witch, struggling for survival,  supremacy, and knowledge on the glittering streets of New York City.  Mundanes have a reason to be afraid of what you are capable of, and fearful of the entities that surround you.

Set in a world where magic exists and the plot is centered around the clandestine covens of New York. In this setting, there is a collaboration between the players, the storyteller, and the setting itself to build a cooperative story.

Players can choose what tradition of witch they wish to play, and how close their blood lineage is to the original thirteen witches. Each tradition has it’s own unique origin, and magickal knowledge.

Dark designs, bitter enemies, and strange allies await you.


New York City was thrust into the limelight when two years ago, a “virus” plagued its residents making them unable to die. For nearly six weeks, the city was under quarantine while the government worked to maintain control.

The morgues became empty, the hospitals past double capacity with the fatally injured while thrill-seekers or the terminally ill sold their very last cent in order to be smuggled into the “City of the Undying”. A man could jump off the highest point of the Empire State Building and somehow still cling to life.

Whispers began to talk of magick, of occult societies and midnight rituals. Suddenly the impossible was possible and the monsters and nightmares are real.

And then just like that, in an instant, it was over. Over a hundred thousand people died simultaneously and the raw power of the mass death ripped the veil asunder. New York was bathed in an iridescent blue light and became hallowed ground.

The Second Inquisition arrived shortly after. A union of various secret services allied with the witch-hunters of the Order of Cagliostro and began to systematically hunt witches all around the globe, starting in New York.

The Rosicrucians fell first, an Illuminati style sect of outrageously wealthy mages who were weakened by in-fighting and war. The SI bombed Rockefeller Plaza during a high profile Rosicrucian meeting and blamed the action on the terrorist organization called ISIS. Then, they started targeting other Rosicrucian cells world-wide, eliminating the sect entirely.

The remaining supernaturals in New York, reeling from this sudden act of violence and seeking to protect themselves from this highly funded and knowledgeable sect, signed an agreement called the Accords. Calling a truce to old feuds, and placing a loose form of government in place.


The Accords are a set of agreements, somewhat similar to the non-magical Geneva Conventions, that govern behavior between its signatories, who are the major powers of the supernatural world.

The Accords recognize major magical factions as independent political entities (or “nations”) with the right to defend, protect, and avenge their members. Even “Freeholding Lords” are recognized: entities of power that do not necessarily represent an entire kind, just themselves and their supporters.

Instigated by Malcolm Blackwell, the Accords include protocols for etiquette, hospitality, formal duels, and neutral ground. Signed by representatives from the Vampire Courts, both Fae Courts, and Covens it assigned barony over sections of the city.

  • KEEP THE SECRET: The most important agreement, hiding the existence of the supernatural.
  • RESPECT NEUTRAL GROUND: This means that all parties must act in a (semi) civilized manner or face dire consequences while in neutral territory.
  • BOONS: The supernatural community runs on Boons since money is not truly valuable to immortal deities or ghostly entities. Their value never fluctuates, and they never expire. Much like an Oath, a Boon is binding upon both the giver and the recipient.
  • OBLIGATIONS OF GUEST AND HOST: Once a guest crosses your threshold, the host is obligated to offer aid, comfort, and protection to her guests until they leave of their own accord. Failing this duty would be a severe loss of face and respect. Likewise, a guest must offer no harm to anyone who has been accepted into the home, nor takes any action which would be considered untoward for a guest. They will report nothing of what they see and hear in this place, and make every effort to aid and assist members of the household and other guests while they remain.
  • SWORN OATHS ARE BINDING: Promises and oaths are binding, in a legal sense. (to the letter, not to the spirit.) Oaths put a mutual obligation on both parties, such as an oath of fealty puts an obligation on the Queen to carry out the obligations of the one who is sworn to her if he is not able to for whatever reason, even death.
  • MEDIATION: The Accords recognize that it is mutually profitable for the supernatural nations to avoid overt or large-scale conflicts; indeed, they provide a means of settling disputes between rival nations by means of a trial of champions—based on the Code Duello—presided over by a mediator. Any member of any nation can be asked to be a mediator, but the choice must be mutually accepted.


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