We are a diceless free-form role-playing game but have some simple rules that you need to know.


APPLICATION:  You can find the application to our RPG here, just fill in the blanks and send it. 

ACTIVITY: All that we ask is that you sign onto all of your accounts at least once every 30 days, and communicate with your scene partners and staff about your activity preferences. (rapid-fire, Bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) Our game is played on Discord and our Forum, so there is a lot of flexibility.

Players who ghost will have their characters worked out of the story as necessary, to allow their partners to continue their story arc and enjoy the game. Ghosting sucks, and players who do it twice in a row will not be invited back.

MATURE RATING: Our game is rated Mature

Hey, mature content and progressive plot can be tricky. We encourage creativity but understand that not everyone is comfortable reading the specific material. With that in mind, we encourage players to communicate with their scene partners regarding mature content.  We request that everyone respect each other’s boundaries concerning certain material.

VIGNETTES: Each scene is considered an episode, having its story that takes place in our universe and is a part of the premise of the game as a whole. This style of storytelling is designed to allow players to have various levels of activity.  Since our game-play takes place on both Discord and our forum, we have the luxury of taking days to complete a scene if need be.

There is no limit on how many scenes a character can be involved in, provided they are always progressing and seen to completion.

TIME FRAME: In order to keep the game running smoothly, we have a loose timeline of events, with some caveats:

Players are allowed to back-track scenes and create backstory as necessary. Especially if it is between characters, to create plot and relationships. Back-tracking scenes related to an ongoing storyline needs to have Storyteller approval.

Storyteller led plots on the forum are limited to a one-month timeframe. Players had a month to contribute what they want before the post becomes locked. After that point, the Storyteller will publish a summary of what happened, and distribute EXP.

FORUM REGISTRATION: Register with your character’s first name in standard capitalization.

MAGIC: Each character in Black Sun Rising learns how to use magic through the use of their traditions Book of Shadows. To use magick (other than your unique supernatural ability) you must cast a spell, perform a ritual or use a charm as a focus. What paths you take indicates what spells you know, and what you can accomplish.

Book of Shadows are grimoires passed down through the generations that contain the spells, rituals, charms, and more indicative of the tradition they belong too.  These books help give background information about the supernatural world as a whole.

Supernatural abilities are unique to only this generation of witches and are a result of the overall story arc.

EXPERIENCE: The more you contribute, the more your character grows. At the end of each story arc, the ST asks for a tally of your in-game activity and then approves any new paths or rituals you wish to learn. 

Players will keep a tally in the “Private Folder” section on the Black Sun Rising forums, which is protected so only you and the ST can view it. We then discuss your request and make sure it fits in with how active your character has been during the story arc. Obviously, your involvement in the game is directly tied to how much growth they can achieve. Players can earn more exp through being a moderator, submitting advertisements, recruiting new players, etc.

Storytellers have enough on their plates, so players are in charge of their own recordkeeping.  For your convenience, we have provided a post template for you.


Character Name: Bob Dole

Date: 03/12/20


Name of scene #1

Name of scene #2

Name of scene #3


link to whatever contributions you have made: IE: advertising on social media, moderator duties, contests, writing prompts, etc.


First dot of Cybermancy

Ritual that will turn my enemy into a llama

DOWNTIME ACTIONS: There are times where a player wants to do something on their own, behind the scenes. These actions must be posted as a solo story on our message board.


BE RESPECTFUL: We are all here to have fun, so please be respectful to everyone on this site. Play fairly, keeping your characters separate and allowing your partner the freedom to reply.

IN-CHARACTER CONSEQUENCES: In this type of role-playing game, we favor in-character consequences. Real-life isn’t fair, and sometimes bad things happen. The Staff would never throw something at you purely out of spite, but to give depth, drama or tension to a storyline or scenario.

TAKE INITIATIVE: Black Sun Rising is what you make of it. Don’t wait for another player to take you by the hand and lead you through scenes. Want to become the supernatural don of New York? Take steps to make that happen in-game.

COOPERATIVE ROLE-PLAY: This is a cooperative RPG, meaning that your character will have to work with other witches in order to achieve their goals. You will, at some point, be asked to play with other players.  Characters who refuse to interact with others will find this game very limiting.

EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE FUN: Playing an antagonistic character is fine, but keep in mind that while you may be having fun from the scene, the target of your characters ire might not. Communicate with your scene partner beforehand and make sure you have their consent before engaging in purely antagonistic play.