General Rules & Code of Conduct

We are a free-form game with no dice or character sheets but have some simple rules that you need to know.


FORUM REGISTRATION: Register with your character’s first name in standard capitalization.

ACTIVITY: All that we ask is that you sign onto all of your accounts at least once every 30 days, and communicate with your scene partners and staff about your activity preferences. (rapid-fire, Bi-weekly, monthly, etc.) Our game is played on Discord, so there is a lot of flexibility.

Players who suddenly go inactive without warning are worked out of the story as necessary, to allow their partners to continue their story arc and enjoy the game.

MATURE RATING: Our game is rated 3/3/3.

Hey, mature content and progressive plot can be tricky. We encourage creativity but understand that not everyone is comfortable reading the specific material. With that in mind, we encourage players to communicate with their scene partners regarding mature content.

ADOPTING CANON CHARACTERS: We have many canon characters that are available for adoption. We encourage new players to peruse our adoptable characters, who are presently behind the scenes. All actions done by an adopted character is considered canon, and we provide a thread tracker for easy perusal. Adopted characters have a strict 30-day activity requirement. A sudden absence for longer than 30 days without notice means your claim goes back up for adoption.

How to adopt:
Make your login and flesh our your canon as you see fit, and then post on the approvals board like any other character. We have a built-in thread tracker, so if you relinquish your adoptable character, another person can pick up where you left off.

Adoptable basics:
A simple guide to what defines the character is written up for you. We try to keep it as straightforward and intuitive as possible! If the affinity is open, then go ahead and change it to what you feel makes a good fit for the character. Concept notes are just that, a guideline to what role the character fills. Face claims can be changed to suit the player.

VIGNETTES: Each scene is considered an episode, having its story that takes place in our universe and is a part of the premise of the game as a whole. This style of storytelling is designed to allow players to have various levels of activity.  Since our game-play takes place on Discord, we have the luxury of taking days to complete a scene if need be.  There is no limit on how many threads a character can be involved in, provided the scenes are always moving forward in time and seen to completion.



BE RESPECTFUL: We are all here to have fun, so please be respectful to everyone on this site. Play fairly, keeping your characters separate and allowing your partner the freedom to reply.

IN-CHARACTER CONSEQUENCES: In this type of role-playing game, we favor in-character consequences. Real life isn’t fair, and sometimes bad things happen.



APPLICATION: Our Application is built right into your profile. It is created to guide you through the process. It is straightforward, just fill in the blanks. If you require additional help, we have provided a walkthrough for you.

BOOK OF SHADOWS: Each character in Black Sun Rising learns their magick through the use of their families Book of Shadows. This is a book passed down through the generations that contain the spells, rituals, charms, and more indicative of the tradition they belong too.  These books help give background information about the world as a whole.

EXPERIENCE POINTS: The more you contribute, the more you earn in experience points.  You use these experience points to buy new things for your character, showing how they have grown in-game. New paths and custom rituals cannot be purchased mid-scene and then immediately used. Once a month, the ST will ask for a tally of your activity in the game and grant experience points.

DOWNTIME ACTIONS: There are times where a player wants to do something on their own, behind the scenes. These actions must be communicated to the ST by filling out a downtime form.



WORD COUNT: We have no word count, no post matching, etc. We encourage you to flex your creative writing muscles and post what you feel is appropriate for you.