The supporting cast contains important NPC’s, both witch and mundane. Click on the name for more information about that NPC.

Indra-Diana Von Dastenstein
Witch Supremacist
History: Indra lost her twin sister Poppy on the raid on the White Rabbit. The two souls merged, and now they are currently on the run and sewing seeds of chaos.

Erzsébet Báthory
Leader of the Blood Court
Attunement: Erzsébet, otherwise known as Liz is the CEO of the Báthory Beauty Group, taking over after the death of her son. She is the grandmother to Farah.

Werewolf Pack Leader
Silver is the leader of the local Loup Garoux pack, after the death of her mate. She is the one who scratched Nick Armstrong, though it is not known yet if he will turn or not. She is known to speak in the third person and has many motherly traits.

Mother Akuma Maathai
Carrion Witch Leader
Armed in old house dresses, bathrobes, and slippers is a hedge with to be reckoned with. Leader of the Carrion Witch community.

Malcolm Blackwell
The Witch King
A figure of legend, Malcoin Blackwell has been recently resurrected and had made it his mission to bring magick back to the world.

Gizi Arpad- Báthory
Member of the Blood Court
She is the Director of Bathory Beauty Group’s home office in Budapest, though is often seen at various fashion or society events the world over.

Deitrich Hampel
Leader of the Necrophages
A monstrous skeletal figure, this former SS officer is the undisputed ruler of the Necrophages otherwise known as the Bone Court of Vampires.

Thom Obier
Leader of the Adoration of Kāma
The most human-like of the Vampire Courts, they feed off the emotions and life force of their prey. Otherwise known as the Spirit Court of Vampires.

Queen Mab
Faerie Queen of the Winter Court
The Unseelie Faerie Queen of Air and Darkness. She rules over the Unseelie Fae from her fortress in Arctis Tor

Queen Titania
Faerie Queen of the Summer Court
The Seelie Faerie Queen of Earth and Sunlight. She is known as the Queen of Summer and like her sister, rules over the Seelie Fae.

The Death Dealer
She is not a witch, but a servant of the god of death. She has been recruited to serve as the King’s left hand, the hand of death.

The Iyami Aję
The Word on the Street
A powerful trio of Yoruba witches, these sisters moved to New York at the behest of the Witch King to serve the community as informants, distributing news through the supernatural community.