Magickal Paths

These paths are available to all characters, regardless of tradition.


HERBALISM: Creation of potions, tonics, poultices etc to create a magical change on the person who consumes it.

SEX MAGICK: Harvesting magick fueled by emotion from willing participants, the more participants and the higher the emotional fervor, the more potent the magick that is harvested.

FASCINATION:  A master of this Path can instill loyalty, lust, confidence, faith, and love in those she comes in contact with — in some cases, so much so that the witch is bedeviled with followers so fanatical that they are willing to kill for the object of their affection. 

SUMMONING: Summoning a creature to do your bidding:

ENCHANTMENT: Creating an item that when worn has a magical effect on the wearer, even those who are mundane.

ELEMENTAL: The ability to change the weather through magick.

GLAMOUR: Creates illusions on the caster,  with no actual effect on the environment. Whatever is being created by Glamour magic exists only in the mind of the target.

REPRESENTATIONAL:  Representational Magic uses objects to manipulate reality. A voodoo doll, or a knot that when unwoven, will break a curse.

INSCRIPTION: Inscription is similar to Enchantment in that it’s the art of creating an item for magical use, but different in that it involves Runes or Staves that in itself has a determined and specific use.

DIVINATION: Determining the future through magick, through whatever means their culture taught them. 

DREAM: Creating a magical effect through dreams, often the dreams of others.

WARDS: Protecting items against theft, wards generate a painful effect on individuals who are not allowed to touch them. Witches use these to protect sanctuaries, grimoires or even just a beloved object. 


NAVIGATING THE WAYS: While not a use of magick per se, it is nonetheless useful. Witches who know how to navigate the ways can open portals into the Never-Never to cross through.

MAGICKAL RESONANCE:  Those talented in identifying magickal resonance can determine who used a spell based on the signature left behind.

OCCULT KNOWLEDGE:  Helps you determine how much of the occult world you understand, and gives that knowledge more clearly defined scope.


SHADOWMANCY: A Strega witch knows how to manipulate and conjure shadow stuff — at first, a  simple shade but, with experience, near-tangible blackness or total nightfall. Color and light are absorbed and extinguished by these shadows, which dance and caper at the witch’s beck and call.

SEIÐR: Berserker Norn put themselves into a trance-like state that prevents the witch from feeling pain, losing stamina or agility until after the battle. After the spells wear off the witch will succumb to a deep odinsleep, where their body recuperates from the ordeal.

SHAPESHIFTING: The Shaman art of transforming their body into that of a spirit animal. This Path is very elemental, often drawing upon instinctive knowledge, and many witches have lost their personalities to the beast-side conjured up. Others lose their identity in malleability. For a few, shapeshifting is less an art than a natural talent, but one un-channeled by the callings of the true Changing Breeds.

DARK MAGICK: Unavailable even to carrion witches, this dark path is available only to those who possess Blackwell blood. This unique form of magick is fueled by negative emotions, and the witch does not need to use a spoken spell to invoke its effects. Dark Magick is purely destructive and can be hard to reign in. The more it is used, the harder it is for the Cailleach to resist its call.

THE SIGHT: Cailleach with the Sight can see things most people can’t. It’s called the Sight, the Third Eye, a lot of other names. If a wizard uses his Sight, he can see the forces of magic themselves at work, spells like braids of neon lights, veils pierced like projections on a screen. The Sight shows things as they truly are, and it’s always an unsettling experience, one way or the other. What you see with the Sight stays with you. Good or bad, it’s always just as fresh in your mind as if you’d just seen it.

VEIL: Die Hexen witches use veil is a magical form of concealment which renders the affected either invisible or otherwise unnoticed by most of the magically unaware. Veils can range from basic feelings of aversion to looking in a direction, to a lack of conscious recognition of someone’s presence, to a complete state of invisibility and denial of the existence of the physical space in which the veil stands.

ASCENSION: Dionysus and the Orphic Mysteries have taught the Bacchae how to willingly and purposefully reincarnate after death, which can happen up to nine times. Spells allow the enchanter to tap into their past lives and relive their former experiences.

BLOOD MAGICK: The Blooded use Blood magick, first and foremost, is the practice of using blood—life itself—as potent fuel for casting spells. This life may be supplied by either the witch or sacrifices, whether willing or unwilling. As such, the use of blood magic often allows a witch to cast spells that would otherwise be beyond her capability. The greater the magickal working, the larger the sacrifice. (Butcher’s blood, for the common cold. Human sacrifice, to save someone from certain death)

KATADESMOI: The Roma have perfected the art of casting curses. Most curses will need only a single casting, but very powerful or long-lasting curses can require more to be obliterated.

SACRIFICIAL: Sacrificial Magick draws its power from the om death of a Bruja’s victim; which depending on who is sacrificed, has the potential to make the witch not only mystically enhanced but also physically stronger. Since the magick does not come from a higher power (ancestors, the watchtowers, etc.), the magick is entirely under the control of the witch.

ONMYODO: Onmyōji summons and control entities called shikigami, the animistic spirits of nature. Their power is connected to the spiritual force of their master, where if the invoker is well introduced and has lots of experience, their Shiki can possess animals and even people and manipulate them, but if the invoker is careless, their shikigami may get out of control in time, gaining its own will and consciousness, and can even raid its own master and kill them in revenge.

ANCESTRAL: Witch Doctors are very committed to their families and their coven, and the bloodlines of the witch families in the community typically go back centuries. Also, similar to sacrificial magic, the magic comes not from the witch but the ancestors. In this kind of scenario, the ancestors must be petitioned and appeased to grant magical power.

MANA MANIPULATION: Nearly every Witch recognizes the flow of some sort of power: mana, sekhem, chi, vis, or some other representation of magical potential. Most learn to feel or describe the energies that course through them during the casting of spells. Guru has learned to direct these power sources in order to reshape the fundamental mystic energy about them. Geomancy, ley line channeling, feng shui – all of these senses and redirect the power of raw magic energy into new directions and shapes.

ALCHEMY: Hermetic witches have perfected the process of Alchemy through preparations and dedication. An alchemist cannot simply pull a spell out of his sleeves, but has to create a product that embodies the effect he seeks or one that induces the desired result. Alchemical spells and rituals are generally called formulas, which can further be dividedinto potions, salves, powders , nd essences. Formulas aims to perfect the tangible, and it can affect the spiritual only through the rarified nature of a soul’s physical form. Therefore, Alchemy may affect only the body or a physical substance.

BINDING: Any witch can call forth an entity through summoning, but it is only the Vizier which has perfected a way of binding the creature to her will.  Eschewing the entire concept of tit-for-tat bartering, deal making or otherwise the Vizier witch simply commands the being to do her desire…or else. 

CYBERMANCY: Unlike most paths of magic, only carrion witches and half-bloods attuned to Metal can use it. Also unlike other magics, Cybermancy can only be performed at a computer terminal or supercharged smartphone. A relatively new talent, Cybermancy is the ability to control electronic machinery with one’s mind.