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We have compiled a list of your most frequently asked questions.

If I play a witch of a particular tradition, does that mean I can never learn the other kinds of magick?

Not at all! Magick is learned, so all you need to do to learn magick, not of your tradition is to get your hands on a Book of Shadows and a teacher. Since the magick style is foreign, it’s like learning a new language, assimilating into a new culture and so on.

If my character is a pureblood, are they restricted to only the magick of one witch parent?

Yes, at character creation you are limited to only the magick of the Tradition you choose. This also goes for Pureblooded characters who have parents of separate traditions. Pick what tradition you were raised in, and you can learn the rest as your character grows.

Is there a limit on how many characters I can have?

No, as long as you don’t let them go inactive! Go with your bad self!

I want to play a witch that does not belong to any of your Traditions, but not a Carrion Witch. Can I do that?

Yes, and No. We’ve worked hard to assimilate traditions that are culturally and historically accurate with witchcraft styles that are indicative of that culture. There are always going to be aspects of the craft that are not covered, and we encourage those players to submit their idea to a branch family, of the closest geographical tradition.

What is your rating?

We are rated 3/3/3. Just make sure you communicate with your scene partner that you’re going to delve into mature content.

Is this game a fandom? I know the game is derived from The Secret Circle.

We are not a fandom RP. Our game is inspired by The Secret Circle novels, but not the contents of the television show. We went off in an entirely different direction than what is shown on the TV, and players do not need to have ever opened one of the books.

We also have some elements straight from other games, such as Vampire: the Masquerade, Mage: the Ascension, World of Darkness: Sorcerer and The Dresden Files.

Can I play a character derived from the book or TV series?

Sure! Just make sure that you know the rules regarding the different paths, and assign your character to the appropriate Tradition. We have already incorporated some of the surnames found in the Secret Circle into our canon.

I had an altercation with another player, what can I do?

If you are uncomfortable with another player, or something happens, please talk to the ST. We are the ones ultimately responsible for keeping things running smoothly. We can mediate a resolution or take action if necessary.

I like this setting, but I don’t want to play a witch. I want to play a werewolf/fae/vampire/etc. Can I do this?

Yes, and no. This game is centered explicitly around witches.

We took a different take on other supernatural creatures. The Blooded, for example, got this way through the use of magick that forces them to drink or sacrifice blood, and over time they became something not quite human. For all intents and purposes, though..they are witches.

Same with the Armstrong family of werewolves. They got this way through the use of magic; it’s a curse that runs through their bloodline. All of these characters use magick, the same way that the other cast members do.


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