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The concept behind this game is based on L.J. Smith's trilogy "The Secret Circle."

The story has been altered to suit Black Sun Rising and any storylines, character histories, rule alterations, et al. are all copyright respectively to their owners. Black Sun Rising is the brainchild of Amanda Sorensen and should be treated as such, respectively. Please do not copy, alter, or use our ideas found on this website for your own online or offline troupe – respect our artists and writers for their incredible ability.

Many traditions, paths, and materials have been taken from World of Darkness: Sorcerer and Mage: the Ascension by White Wolf.  This website is not real, and any information about people/characters herein are strictly fictional. Many thanks to the famous personalities for the use of their photographs to further stimulate our artistic expression.

January 19, 2017
January 22, 2017


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