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Information about the various storylines currently in Black Sun Rising. All news stories or gossip relating to the current site plot are also here. From major news outlets to social media and gossip, and all other relevant media. All information posted here is considered public knowledge, just check the date that it becomes active.

John Blakes Ultimate Coven

· The power of creation in every living thing ·

PROLOGUE Witches were a rare breed in the United States, their ancestors learning that after the Salem Witch Trials that nowhere was safe. In desperation, they hid their Book of Shadows and let the secrets of their heritage hide with them. They remained hidden until they were sought out by the entity known as John…

  • The Curse of the Undying

    The hospitals became filled past capacity with victims of violence, circumstance or accidents while the funeral parlors remained empty. For months, not a single…

  • John Blackwell’s Ultimate Coven

    Ten teenagers in the beautiful Pennsylvania town of New Hope had but a few things in common, one being that they all…