Blood Purity

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The Watchtowers imbued thirteen families with the ability of magic, your character's blood purity represents how they obtained that power.


Pure-blooded parents on both sides, no mundane blood. Four dots of magick at character creation

Pro: These witches possess the ability to cast some magick without the use of verbal spells along with their natural magickal ability. Oftentimes this is a witch born of a sole tradition, but there are times where purebloods from two traditions can marry. In those situations, the witch can possibly have access to another traditions magickal teachings.

Cons: Technology smaller than a combustion engine will not work for a pure-blooded witch, nor do they have access to the metal attunement. They possess a witch mark and their eyes glow when using magick or when the light is shined in their eyes.


A pure-blooded parent on one side, and a branch family on the other. Or, a branch family on both sides. Three dots of magick at character creation. 

Pro: Often born of one tradition only, but there is some small potential to learn the magick of two traditions. All fullbloods possess a magickal ability.

Cons: These witches can use technology without an issue, can not access the watchtower of metal.


Pure or Full blooded parent on one side, mundane on the other. Two dots of magick at character creation. 

Pro: Access to a tradition’s magickal teachings, can access metal attunement, potential to not have a witch mark.

Cons: Lower social status, sometimes no magickal ability (If chosen not to have a witch mark)

Carrion Witches

No witch ancestry and starts with only one dot of magick.

Pro: Can learn cybermancy, can learn almost magick, can access metal attunement and possess no witch mark.

Cons: lowest social status, must learn everything in game, no magical ability, no book of shadows at character creation *

Carrion witch players can gain a witch mark and a magical ability in the game, or choose to come into the game with one if they are a trusted and seasoned player.


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