John Blackwell’s Ultimate Coven

· The power of creation in every living thing ·

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Ten teenagers in the beautiful Pennsylvania town of New Hope had but a few things in common, one being that they all had either lost one or both parents in a mysterious fire when they were just babies. It was something nobody liked to talk about like it was a dirty little secret of the town. These kids all had a special quirk, a hidden supernatural talent that few knew of.

One by one, they discovered the truth. They were witches, as were their parents. They began to un-earth their book of shadows and learned their heritage.
They formed a coven, inducing each other piece by piece. During all this, they discovered that their parents had all been brought together, some from different countries to create a coven. A witch named John Blake became the defacto leader and arranged marriages between members of his coven, leading to their births.

In short, the current coven of New Hope was bred like cattle to be the ultimate coven.

They cast a powerful shared psyche spell to view the events of the fire that claimed their parent’s lives. They all saw how their parent’s coven had tried to trap and defeat John Blake, leading to murder and the fire that destroyed the evidence. John Blake was not even human, and with Rosemary Chatham at his side killed many members of the coven leaving only Alison alive. The spell of silence over the town of New Hope was cast as a fail safe, to keep their children safe from him until they were of age.

Brahm Chatham, the brother of Phaedra, was tricked into giving his body over to the spirit of John Blake. Phaedra had died, turning Brahm into a maleficar in the process. Powerful beings that are pure magical energy, maleficars are made when a witch fails to maintain a spell and becomes consumed by its magic. Twins, such as the Chatham twins are susceptible to this phenomenon due to sharing a single soul. He resurrected his sister, taking her place in death and leaving John Blake with the body of a great maleficar.

Not with massive power, he tore down the restrictions of the watchtowers in New Hope creating an aurora over the sky.

January 9, 2017
January 19, 2017


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