At the dawn of time, the watchtowers blessed thirteen people with magick. They passed their gift to their descendants, the family tree branching into smaller families and intermixing their practices and beliefs into various cultures all over the world.

Nine of the families created a coven, fleeing Europe under the rule of the Witch King, Malcoin Blackwell. They founded the small village of Salem, and for a short time, there was peace. Tragedy struck when the Witch Trials began anew and led to eighteen innocent deaths. They dissolved their coven and separated.

Some went to find a new home, the site of an intersection of three ley lines in Pennsylvania that they named New Hope. They buried their Book of Shadows and tried to co-exist with the standard population. Those who didn’t go with them ventured west, to settle in northern Washington town they named Chance Harbor. The rest found refuge in Sedona, Arizona, or joined into the New Orleans covens.

Over the last five years, the restraints on the mythical Watchtowers has slowly released; and magick is seeping through the cracks of city streets. The veil between this world and the Never-Never have relaxed, and New York City is its playground. In this melting pot of culture, religion, and ethnicity; the descendants of these three great covens vie for control.