The World of Black Sun Rising

· Not all who wander are lost ·

Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?

Black Sun is Rising is set in a universe where magic exists, and the plot centers around the existence of witchcraft, the occult, and the supernatural. In this setting, players can choose what kind of witch they wish to play whose family comes from different countries, cultures and ethnic groups. There is a considerable amount of history to choose from, and a lot of events outside of New York City help shape the current atmosphere of this game.
Within the past five years, the more and more unexplained phenomenon began to occur worldwide. Overnight, a mysterious aurora appeared in the sky over the city of New Hope, Pennsylvania. Defying all logical reason for existing, it remains visible in the beautiful tourist town both day and night.

In the historic site of Machu Picchu, a strange low current of wind pushes objects in a spiral pattern towards the center of the site, where a bloody altar was once used to sacrifice living creatures to an ancient god.

In Sedona, Arizona strange vortexes of natural energy push magnetic currents to all locations and infuse the earth around it with mystical power.

Meanwhile, the fabric separating the mundane world from the Never-Never began to mend itself, stitching back together and allowing the two worlds to cross over in places where the veil is thin. New York City is one such area, where our story takes place.


New York is the largest and most influential American metropolis, encompassing Manhattan and Staten islands, the western sections of Long Island, and a small portion of the New York state mainland to the north of Manhattan. Its urban area extends into adjoining parts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. It is a modern marvel with plenty of historical monuments, magnificent buildings, and countless dazzling skyscrapers. Besides the architectural delights, New York is an urban jungle that has everything to offer.

In reality, New York City a collection of many neighborhoods scattered among the city’s five boroughs—Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island—each exhibiting its unique lifestyle. Moving from one city neighborhood to the next may be like passing from one country to another.

New York is the most ethnically diverse, religiously varied, commercially driven, famously congested, and, in the eyes of many, the most attractive urban center in the country. No other city in history has contributed more images to the collective consciousness of Americans. Wall Street means finance, Broadway is synonymous with theatre, Fifth Avenue automatically pairs with shopping, Madison Avenue implies the advertising industry, Greenwich Village connotes bohemian lifestyles, Seventh Avenue signifies fashion, Tammany Hall defines machine politics, and Harlem evokes images of the Jazz Age, African American aspirations, and slums.

The word tenement brings to mind both the miseries of urban life and the upward mobility of striving immigrant masses. New York has more Jews than Tel Aviv, more Irish than Dublin, more Italians than Naples, and more Puerto Ricans than San Juan. Its symbol is the Statue of Liberty, but the metropolis is itself an icon, the arena in which Emma Lazarus’s “tempest-tost” people of every nation transform into Americans—and if they remain in the city, they become New Yorkers. The constant commotion of conversing voices rages up and down the streets that lead to many places to explore. In hidden, filthy alleyways there are occult shops that will only exist there for a night, where one can purchase arcane objects and forbidden desires for a price. In this city occult orders hide in beautiful brick buildings, hiding among the multitude of humanity under the disguise of Freemasons or the 1%. A nightclub called the White Rabbit only admits those who can exhibit magickal talent, catering to both humans and the supernatural alike. Protected from harm by what is called the Accords, no violence is permitted upon its grounds and should one offend the punishment is worse than death.


The Never-Never is the spirit world that exists alongside our own as a sort of alternate dimension, but its shape is not the same as the mortal world. The Never-Never is infinite, touching the Mortal world in places where they have something in common, a resonance of energies. If a point in the Never-Never is a dark and spooky place, then it touches a dark and mysterious place in the mortal world. It is also called Faeireland, Never-Never Land, and contains realms within it like the Further and the infamous Goblin Market.

The Sidhe control the parts of the Nevernever that are closest to the Mortal world. Ruled by the Winter and Summer Courts of Faeries, and separated into two distinct territories.

Given New York’s age and history, there are several ways in and out of the Never Never. These paths, called Ways, can get a person to a far away location quick and secure with a minimum of interference.






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